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      Tecbod protective clean clothes, care for Daxing medical heroes

      Tecbod protective clean clothes, care for Daxing medical heroes

          At 4 pm on January 25, Mr. Li, a suspected patient with pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus, was carefully discharged by the relevant departments after being carefully cared for by the medical staff of Xian Daxing Hospital. He has now been discharged safely and observed at home as required.

         It is understood that 23-year-old Mr. Li had just returned from Wuhan and had a cough. For safety reasons, he took the initiative to go to the hospital. He said he understands the governments requirements for isolation screening for specific groups of people. I was very touched by the meticulous care and companionship of the medical staff of Xian Daxing Hospital during isolation.
          He said that as Chinese, each of us has a responsibility for the country and the safety of our city. We hope that the general public will take the initiative to screen and actively cooperate with hospital treatment according to government requirements. Help the motherland win this tough battle as soon as possible.

      Source: Propaganda Department of Xian Daxing Hospital