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      Tecbod: Speeding up the “Basketball” and Speeding Up—Typical Report on Guangxi Private Enterpr

      Tecbod: Speeding up the “Basketball” and Speeding Up—Typical Report on Guangxi Private Enterpr

             On March 4th, the machine in the production workshop of Nanning TECBOD (Xiamen) Medical Technology Co.,ltd roared, and the sewing workers on the assembly line were busy, some were carrying out the beading operation, and some were in the packaging sterilization ...
             Tecbod has been resuscitating protective clothing and other epidemic prevention products, and nearly 200 workers have resumed work for more than a month. Chairman Zheng Qingshu introduced: The company produces 3600 sets of medical disposable protective clothing, 50,000 sets of disposable medical isolation clothing, 20,000 pairs of medical protective shoe covers, and 20,000 medical caps per day.
             For this years outbreak of new pneumonia, for the anti-epidemic personnel who are fighting on the front lines, protective clothing is their "battles".
             On January 22, Tecbod received the production task of 50,000 pieces of medical disposable protective clothing and 100,000 pieces of disposable medical partitions from the government of the autonomous region. Tengke Baodi urgently researched and developed the medical disposable protective clothing and other anti-epidemic medical device products, worked overtime and completed the preparation of application materials, product inspection, quality system document formulation, production process sorting, equipment procurement and other work. The Autonomous Region Drug Administration and the Nanning Market Supervision and Administration Bureau accepted the companys anti-epidemic product application as soon as possible in accordance with the "Medical Device Emergency Approval Procedure", and implemented rapid emergency approval of product registration declaration materials. On January 25 S, the company obtained the product record and production record of the "disposable medical isolation garment", the second-class medical device registration certificate and medical device production license of the "medical disposable protective clothing" on February 1, and February 3 Obtain the product record and production record of medical protective shoe covers and medical caps on a daily basis to ensure that epidemic prevention materials enter the production process in compliance.
             All employees of Tecbod rushed to work day and night. The general manager of the company, Lei Zhen, has been pregnant for more than 8 months, and still works overtime every day to organize production. In only 3 days, the first batch of qualified medical disposable protective clothing and disposable medical isolation clothing was delivered.
             The raw material of medical protective clothing is a non-woven composite breathable membrane, in addition to waterproof adhesive strips, zippers, elastic bands, sutures and other auxiliary materials. During the epidemic, which coincided with the Spring Festival holiday, the upstream raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging products factories were in a state of shutdown. The supply of raw materials is one of the most difficult. In order to solve the problem of raw material supply, Chairman Zheng Qingshu led the executives and the purchasing department team into five purchasing groups. From the beginning of the New Year day and night, they went to Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Shandong and other cities to sign up for the purchase of raw and auxiliary materials. . In order to ensure that raw materials, auxiliary materials, and semi-finished products can be delivered to production as soon as possible, Tecbod tries to use special vehicles, SF air transportation, and airport freight to ensure smooth transportation at all costs.
             At present, Tecbod has supplied 88,000 sets of medical protective clothing, 1.2 million sets of medical isolation clothing, 150,000 pairs of medical protective shoe covers 150,000 caps.