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Flu Supply News

11.15.14: CDC Situation Update: Summary of Weekly FluView
11.08.14: CDC Weekly US Map: Influenza Summary Update
11.07.14: Flu Shot Supply Dented by Production Woes (Wall Street Journal login req.)
10.31.14: CDC: Early Signs of Increasing Flu Activity
10.29.14: Seasonal Influenza Vaccine & Total Doses Distributed
09.18.14: CDC: Hospitals and Others Increase Worker Flu Vaccinations
09.09.14: NCOA, CDC Gear Up for Flu Season
08.00.14: Immunization Action Coalition Resources at
08.00.14: CDC: What You Should Know for the 2014-2015 Influenza Season
08.00.14: CDC Resource: FluView Weekly Report
07.17.14: Understanding and Detecting Influenza
07.16.14: Hospitals Miss Goal for Worker Flu Shots
06.09.14: H1N1 Drives Majority of Hospitalizations in Latest Flu Season
04.24.14: Childhood Vaccines Prevent 322 Million Illnesses: CDC
03.27.14: New CDC Study Shows Flu Vaccine Reduced Children’s Risk of Intensive Care Unit Flu Admission by Three-Fourths
03.08.14: CDC Situation Update – Flu Activity Drops Nationally but Remains High in Some States
03.06.14: State Flu Shot Rule for Preschoolers Curbs Kids' Hospitalizations: CDC
02.20.14: Flu Hitting Younger and Middle-age Adults Hardest This Season
02.12.14: Routine Visits to the Doctor Linked With Increased Risk of Flu for Children
01.23.14: Growing IV Saline Shortage Has Providers Scrambling During Bad Flu Season
01.22.14: Flu Targeting Healthy Young Adults This Winter Says CDC
01.15.14: Americans Continue to Skip the Flu Vaccine
01.10.14: Deadly US Flu Outbreak May Be Linked to Cold, Dry Air – Flu Shots Still Advised
01.08.14: CDC: Flu Season Nearing Peak; 25 States Reporting Widespread Number of Influenza Cases
01.04.14: Higher Numbers of Deadly Flu Cases Reported in Patients Under 65; Type A/pH1N1  Most Predominant Strain 

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